Building a brighter tomorrow for Honduras

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Minimizing the degree of separation between humanitarians and their mission objectives in the country…

Special Missions FoundationHelp us build a promising nation

We exists to help minimize the degree of separation between humanitarians and their mission objectives in Honduras. We embrace opportunities to help people help others through monetary donations in an efficient, uncomplicated and transparent manner.

  • HEALTH – We support projects that focus on community health and work directly with the community on the perceived needs. We have brought medical teams to remote villages, provided donated medical supplies, facilitated medical surgeries for special cases, and other health related initiatives.
  • EDUCATION – We are interested in helping communities with their educational needs. We have supported art projects for street children, provided libraries for different schools, taught English and Hygiene classes at elementary schools, and related projects.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTWe focus on projects that support community development across the lifespan. Sometimes, it´s been helping the community fundraise for a specific project, other times, it´s been providing training on several topics of interest to a given community. At times, it´s been supporting the growth of orphanages and the varied needs they have had, and other related community initiative.


Coming together in the aftermath of Hurricane Eta: Rebuilding hopes, Restoring Livelihoods


Eighty percent of Copan Ruinas’ road network has been damaged, almost all of its agricultural production – corn, beans, vegetable crops – was destroyed. Seventy-four families lost their homes.

Coffee growers are also in danger of losing this year’s coffee crop because no one can get to the farms to harvest the coffee, and/or get the coffee to market. The rural villages and farms, which are extremely isolated, are suffering the most.

We need your support!

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